Brick For The Building Of The House

One of the main activities of the city house is the design and construction of brick-based suburban houses. We are doing both separate construction works and the full construction of brick houses under the key, starting with the preparation of the project, the marking of the site, the laying of the foundation and the building of a box of the house, to the outside and interior, and the installation of engineering equipment.

Examples of brick house projects

Total area: 327, 5 m2

Dimensions: 19, 3 x 15, 5

Price: 8,188,000 roubles.

Total area: 322, 7 m2

Dimensions: 18, 3x22, 4

Price: 4,841,000 roubles.

Total area 281, 2 m2

Dimensions: 15x17, 2

Price: 4,751,000 roubles.

Brick's worth

The brick is very strong. In the design and construction of brick houses, unlike foam and other porous materials, there are generally no problems with the load capacity of walls and the equal distribution of pressure on walls.
The high fire resistance of the brick provides an excellent level of fire safety.

Good practices building brick houses For several millennias around the world, it proves that this is one of the longest construction materials. The country house from the brick will reach not only your children, but also the grandchildren, but perhaps the right ones. Durable brick houses are nothing to compare - they're built for centuries.

The non-material comfort factor is the high heating capacity of the brick. It is slowly heated and slowly resting, so in winter, when it's not heating, the brick house is far from losing heat, and in the summer it's hotter than in the lungs.

Psychological factors play a major role in what houses we choose. Brick houses and cottages are distinguished by their solidarity, strength, sustainability. The stone is synonymous with reliability; it can be relied upon. The sense of capital, indivisibility creates an uncomparable sense of peace, security and stability.

Brick houses provide architects with unrestricted opportunities to translate their creative ideas and wishes of the Employer. Brick house projects are characterized by a great variety of architectural styles and forms, rich planning solutions.

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