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Maxim Kalashnikov
About the Olympic Tragedy, the designers from Washington, and the mental level of the rapists F
We will continue the topic of actual boycott (non-approval) of RF sportsmen for the Olympic Games in Brazil. It's a very sharp psycho gift in person on Putin. The enemy of the RF in the Cold War 2 is smart, he constantly examines the situation and shoots sharply. He decided to defeat GDP in a field he loves, symbolic propaganda.
But we'll see deeper: is it possible for the RS-holders to act adequately in the Second Cold?
In fact, the non-participation of the RF team in the olimpiad 2016 does not pose any threat to the country. From the point of view of Maxim Kalashnikov, the state of the Russian Federation ' s economy, its scientific and technological potential is much more alarming. Details -
But Vladimir Vladimirović is not. His personal breakdown of the economy, science and education is not as passionate as the failure of his race, his passion is a sporting victory for the Russian Federation. The enemy in Washington has studied the President of the Russian Federation perfectly and knows that the ruling group in Eref is obsessed with sports games. She was involved in the Sochi Olympiad early in 2014, although there was an urgent need to deal with cases in Ukraine at that time. Our enemy knows very well that the RF rulers love to implant Soviet generosity by teaching the super-road (chleba and mature) the sports action of A-L Brejenev of 1980. They know the First Face loves dating athletes, and they've done it dozens of times. And with the academies and industrialists, it's much less common. In fact, the current race bomond is a caricature Soviet custom who loved all the imports very much, prayed for the Finnish fridge, sworn the damn sauce and liked to sit at the TV with the beer, sick for the hockey Circle, and soccer assembly. For the current RF bosses, football and sports medals are more important than any factories and scientists. I like the electricity too.
GDP brought the post-methindustrial Balagan-Policy to the apophase. It all came to the symbols of the great Powers, his propaganda shadows. Trying to replace sports.
The enemy of the RF in the Second Colds decided: " I have already put heavy economic strikes on Creme and stopped it in Ukraine. I have already threatened the political crisis in Moscow. Now we need to strike the President of the Russian Federation with a precise psychological impact. Break what he cares about. By denying creml the opportunity to divert the attention of the electorate to Russian athletes in Brazil. From the world's so-called world's so-called world's so-called RF will be successful, so we will increase the tragedy of Kremlin as well as the outing of his athletes from Rio. The Klei sports for the Kremlevians is something saint, and we'll hit this...

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