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Библиотека строительства |

Two thousand tons of paper books, a legacy presented by the academic library of the Irkut State University to its first guests. A long-term man who built a quarter century finally earned it. The scientific library received the name of the native of the region, writer of Valentine Rasputin.

The entire IGU scientific foundation used to hold four repository books located in different parts of the city. Everything will be stored here now. Areas allow. The new library is designed for 2, 5 million books. For the rare books in the new library, there's a separate vault with unburdened safe cabinets. A modern system, which includes dusting, air conditioning, fire extinguishing, will ensure proper preservation of cultural heritage. Each storage facility has its temperature and humidity.

"The library works for all those who wish. All citizens of the city, region and country can visit our library and work with our funds. Absolutely free. Students and university teachers are served by all service points. And those who have nothing to do with the university, they serve in the reading rooms, says Elena Molarenko, Deputy Director V.G. Scientific Library Rasputin IGU.

"We have many plans to use the library as a resource for further education. The Institute of the Confusion of Our International Institute of Economics and Languages and a number of other units are now moving here, and Alexander Argucini, President of the Irkut State University, speaks.

There are 12 reading rooms in the new library building: classical and multimedia. One of them is meant for the handicapped pricks. As long as the books are still moving into the new building. But part of the library is working, students from the chemical and geographical faculty take books here. The library will be fully hosted in September.

The building of the Irkutsk scientific library began construction in 1991, but in 1995 the construction had to be frozen due to a lack of money. Funds for completion - 680 million roubles under the federal target programme - were found four years ago.

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