Ceramic Concrete Block Construction

In the Leningrad region, material such as large-formed ceramic concrete blocks is increasingly popular. For the construction of ceramsito concrete houses, we use the recognizable material from the local manufacturer of MULICONPOLAR.

Construction of ceramic concrete houses: material

  • Low water absorption
  • High heat transmission resistance
  • High household strength
  • Sustainability of mushrooms and moulds

And most importantly, the construction of a building from the ceramic concrete blocks of the wall does not need to be further consoled. The 400 mm thick wall fully meets all the necessary resistance requirements for the heat transmission. These indicators are achieved by ceramsit, as a core material, and by a multi-dimensional structure of the block. As a result, you spend less money in a ceramic concrete house on heating in the winter of the year, and the summer house keeps colder.

Keramzito concrete walls are convenient and cheap to be removed. The surface of the blocks has a good adhesion. Because of low water absorption, the stone is not moisture, and as a result, the thing doesn't cross before and does not crack.
It's also in the keramsito concrete that it's convenient to stash the trawls and make an internal divorce, the stone is well served by any type of separation.

Construction of houses SuomenTalot is operated by SuomenTalot in St. Petersburg and Leningrad oblast. We're doing a full cycle of work from outside to interior. All work is performed strictly in accordance with the approved estimates, without overvaluing the price and timing.

How do you order a house from the keramzitobeton?

The simplest way is to send an application for the construction of a ceramic concrete house right now. You can just describe the parameters of the future home or attach a plan or give us a link to the project. In one day of work, we'll prepare an estimate, and you'll be able to come to our office at a convenient time.

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