Roof Technology

Технология строительства кровлиIn establishing a strong and durable roof, not only good building materials and good design play an important role, but also in itself. Construction technology roofs.

Secure compliance with all phases of roofing ensures the safe protection of the facility from any atmospheric impact and the durability of the entire building.

The complexity of the roof design and construction is directly related to the cost of construction. Generally, the cost of building the roof is 5-20 per cent of the total cost of building construction.

The designation of sub-criminal space is a determining factor in calculating the cost of the roof.

Система вентиляции жилой мансардыThe installation of a shelter under the roof will require additional heating and hydro-isolation of the roof, and will therefore entail high costs.

But not only the assignment of a roof space plays an important role in calculating the cost of the roof. The form of the roof itself, as well as the presence of mansard windows, balconys, chimneys and valves on its surface, can significantly affect the cost of the roof as a whole.

It turns out that the rooftop technology is complicated by the complexity of the roof configuration. In such a case, more materials and additional elements are required and the construction process itself is complicated. In order to maximize material and reduce waste in the process of building the roof, the use of small-scale roof covers is better.

Each step-by-step construction of the roof includes phases:

  • roof sealing
  • devices in it are ventilation openings.

It would appear that the ventilation of the roof and its sealing are the opposite, but in fact the leakproofness and integrity of the roof are directly linked to its quality ventilation. This is the ventilation of undercover space, which helps to protect all the roof structures from the destructive effects of condensate.

The venting of the undercover space is organized differently depending on the type of roof and the material used for the coating device.

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