House Building Technology From Sips

Этапы строительства дома из сип панелейThe process of building houses from SIP-Panels is broken down into several stages.

Main steps

  • During the preparatory phase of the building, the project is selected, adapted to specific construction conditions, or individual design is carried out. When the project has been approved, a set of materials for the construction of the house is being prepared at the production of SIP-Panels. In parallel, preparatory work is under way at the site.
  • Подготовительные работы в строительствеThe second phase of the carcasing house is the device and the foundation. In building a home from the SIP, the best is the swaino-vinth foundation that TERMOVILLA specialists are building.
  • In the third, mainly, the construction phase of the house from the SIP collects closures, mounts external and intercompany walls, produces windows and doors.
  • Another step is the installation of the removable roof structures and the roof cover.
  • Подготовительные работы при строительстве домаWhen the construction of the dwelling is generally completed, the windows and doors will be installed.

Additional phases

Upon completion of the main construction phases, additional steps can be ordered both in the complex and separately. Additional construction phases from the SIP-panel are carried out by the special units of TERMOVILLA. These phases include:

  • Outdoor separation of the house that can use any popular sequential material.
  • Отделка фасадов каркасного дома из СИП-панелейInternal separation of the house is the installation of ceilings, floors, inter-component doors, stairs, wall separation, paint, etc.
  • Connection and installation of engineering communications - heating, water and sewerage systems.

Further details of each of the identified construction phases of the SIP-panel house at TERMOVILLA read in the relevant sections. TERMOVILLA read in the relevant sections:

Preparatory work for the construction of the house

The first phase of building a house from SIP-panel, like any other, is preparatory. The construction preparatory period begins with the choice of a model project for future construction, if necessary to optimize it to the specific requirements of the customer. Individual project development may also be possible. The cost of building a house can be estimated at this stage.

Наружная отделка фасадов Канадских домов из SIP-панелей Инженерные коммуникации в каркасном доме

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