Construction Technology From Sip Panels

Дома из сип панелей фото

By constructing a house from the SIP, the builders are guided by a pre-trial assembly. The TERMOVILLA TERMOVILLA house collection technology has been rigorously developed and ensures the high reliability of the whole structure.

Capaculate closing

As we embark on the assembly, we take care of hydroisolation, as wooden building elements must be isolated from its metal and concrete parts. This is done before the bottom bruising begins. The hydrooling layer of waterproof material is built on the foundation, and the upper layers of the watermelon are already laid down.

The carcasses, walls and closures shall be fitted with balds (textaure blocks may be used), directly by the SIP-panel and the attachment. The installation of the viscos shall be in accordance with the drawings at the zero level, which shall be determined by means of a nivelre. This phase of work requires special attention because it directly depends on the quality of the whole house. The bottom bruising to the foundation shall be calibrated with an acne bolts located at the centre of the viscous bruise at a step of 500 mm. The head of the bolts underneath the upper edge of the bandage.

After that, on the lower obsolescence brushe, we're mounting a baseball cover from wooden lags and SIP-panels. The lags are packed in spices prepared in the SIP-Panels. The sIP-panel shall be installed as follows: the angular panel shall be installed first. She's got the next panel on the other side. This is how the entire outer row is built and scattered in length. Thereafter, a connecting brushe is inserted into the lateral paz, followed by a steady build of the panels, and starting to assemble the next row. It is important, however, to strictly adhere to the plan for the installation of the cap block.

Before the installation of the SIP, all pazes in the foamstyrole are treated with mounting foam. When the panels are connected to wooden leathers, the boxes are used by the wood chips. Laga and connecting bruises are connected in length by the Self-Related Village. The circuit breaks to the lower bruise are tightened through the connecting braces with the six-strong head. Thorns completely shut down the brushe.

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