Road Technology

Схема высоты укладки слоя
Construction of roads
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Contemporary road surfaces shall be provided with such quality as high service durability, excellent wear and adhesion with vehicle wheels.
People ' s need for more efficient transport routes has become the main reason for accelerating the development of innovative technologies for road surfaces, road materials and technology. The issue of environmental safety is also acute. All these factors and many others have resulted in the construction of road surfaces that are multifunctional and have a moisture-free regulatory properties. Small, dehydrated, waterproof road surfaces also appeared.
Previously used cars for the laying of road surfaces that were equipped with pre-processing equipment for reused materials, although they had positive results, were still required by the orange. All the blame has been for increasing the technical quality requirements for road surfaces. The new generation of German and American production, recyclers or regenerators, is now widely used. These machines are the highest recycled materials, productivity and power. The use of such machines always manages the required number of " in-vehicles " and other types of equipment, partly composed of secondary used old road cover materials.
Devices that produce road surfaces in the required volumes and are designed to heat and recycle road materials fully meet the modern requirements of environmental regulations and recycling regimes for recycled materials.

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