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Gravieren - cut off on anything - is an expert in paintings, writings that are performed with special tools.

Armator (construction)

Armaturer (construction) is a construction worker, a fixer.


Malar is a painter.


The window shopkeeper is an installer for the construction of the windows.

Measurer (ocne)

The freezer is a representative of the window industry. It helps connect mass production with an individual approach and is responsible for the accuracy of design size.


Арматурщик (в строительстве) The bakery is a cooker and a fireman.


Trainer is a worker who is responsible for keeping the goods moving under the lift.


Stolar is a master working with a tree making wood products.

Mosaicnic (Mossyr)

Mosaicnic (Mossy Man) is a worker specializing in the mosaic.


It's a builder and an accountant in one person, a definition specialist. construction costs


The Prorab is the middle-level manager on the construction, an intermediary between the workers and their management in the construction company.

Shank (machine)

The carpenter(s) of the tower cran is staff of construction companies involved in the recovery and movement of construction materials on the construction site of the lifting crane.


The manager is a worker involved in building construction and repair.

Construction engineer

The construction engineer is a specialist who plans and manages construction and repair work.


Architectural Design Specialist, including the development of voluminous and interior solutions.

Маляр (Маляр-штукатур) Монтажник окон Замерщик (окна) Печник

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