Environmental Studies For Construction

Экологические исследования почвEnvironmental research is an important type of engineering work carried out prior to construction. These activities can be carried out in combination with other studies and separately, based on the client ' s technical assignment.

The main purpose of environmental research is thatto assess the current state of the environment as well as to predict potential changes in the environment and terrain that may arise from the effects of technological load.

The results of the engineering and environmental studies carried out are the basis for environmental justification of construction or other economic activities in the selected area. The implementation of environmental engineering research is necessary to ensure the environmental safety of the population, continental and territorial shelf, structures, buildings and buildings.

Main steps

Загрязнение атмосферного воздухаThree main stages of environmental engineering are:

  • preparatory,
  • Field,
  • camera phase.

During the preparatory phase of the surveys, information relating to the development area is collected and current indicators are analysed. At the same stage, the duration of environmental exploration is calculated.

The field phase of environmental studies involves the sampling of soil and water, the study of air masses, the laboratory analysis of collected samples. The experts are involved in the compilation of the existing indicators ' summary tables, the design of the necessary schemes, the collection of a database that will be needed for the subsequent processing of materials.

The quantitative phase of environmental research is the final stage of work. During the Chambers phase, specialists analyse and properly process materials from previous stages of research, prepare a report that meets the requirements of the regulations. The survey reports include findings on the soil, air and water conditions of the Territory.

The experts will also predict the possible negative impact on the natural environment of building buildings and facilities on the territory examined. The report will include a list of activities that will reduce or prevent damage from construction and business activities.

Газогеохимические исследования Радиологическое исследование Загрязнение окружающей среды Экологическое проектирование

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