Cost Of Construction Of The Trade Centre

Стоимость строительства

One of our company ' s priorities is the construction of trade complexes and entertainment centres. This service is very demanded for one simple reason - both megapolis and cities with fewer populations need to ensure that their inhabitants are provided with the quality of their products and their leisure time. Modern trading centres do not look like superimposes of past centuries. You can spend the whole day here, alone with your family, with friends. In the mall, you'll enjoy your first-class shopping, rest in the movie theater, have a good meal, and you'll be happy to have a nice chat in a nice café. The space shall be sufficiently comfortable and cozy at any weather at any location, so the construction of the entertainment complex shall include a strong infrastructure.

Our company has sufficient experience in the construction of TRCs, we provide a wide range of integrated services, including the design phase. In the event of changes in the plan, we are doing everything as soon as possible, so there is little delay in construction.

Regardless of the complexity of the project and the area of the future building, the work will be done quickly and qualitatively, according to the existing arrangements. Thanks. emerging technologies and modern equipment, we will minimize your costs.

What is the standard commercial and entertainment complex? It is generally a large multi-storey building that can accommodate enough stores. It has multipliers, restaurants, cafes, entertainment clubs, playgrounds and a lot of other things. Depending on location, TRCs may have some differences in their modification. Our company is building trade centres for different types, regardless of the level of complexity.

The sale of basic necessities and the provision of day-to-day demand services is carried out at the micro-district trading centres. Such complexes have a much smaller area than those of a higher level of 3,000 square metres.

There is a much larger range of products in the regional trading centres, and the range of services has also been significantly expanded. Accordingly, the construction of traders of this type requires a larger area, which can reach 5,500 to 6,000 square metres.

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