Ministry Of Construction Of Sverdlov Region

Серов с рабочим визитом посетил министр строительства Свердловской области Сергей Бидонько. Во время встречи с журналистами Сергей Юрьевич покритиковалThe Minister of Construction and Infrastructure Development of Sverdlov province, Sergei Bidoniko, visited Sera, Krasnoturjinsk and Karpinsk today, 1 July 2016.

In Sera Sergei Yurijevic, a physical and recreational facility on the Kakvinski street was visited and a construction inspected home Gagarin Street, which is on Sorticov.

After the site visits, the Minister met with local media journalists.

♪ Work on the ice palace is on schedule. The pace at which the site is today allows us to expect that the facility will be completed before the end of August. The administration and the contractor understand this. The second part of the visit is the implementation of a programme for the relocation of citizens from shelter and emergency housing. There are certain problems. Contract deadlines have been violated, the contractor has some problems. Today, we discussed a set of measures and decided that I would come in early August, and we'll see how this package worked, Sergei Bidonko

The Minister criticized the 44th Federal Act on the Contractual System in Procurement, in response to the question of the recommendations for the relocation programme of citizens from the lodgings.

♪ Unfortunately, we're hitting our tails, trying to fix the situation. Why is this happening? Problems arise mainly where developers win in a row, which, to say the least, should not be involved and win. Those developers who have nothing: there is no base, working capital, which is very difficult. Any change leads them to a halt to construction. And then these people start saving, hiring unprofessional people. Snow coma grows. On the one hand, we are bound by agreements that should be implemented. On the other hand, there is no quality of performance in a row. From personal experience, Law 44 is far from perfect. A balance must be struck so that companies have equal access to participation, but on the other hand, there must be real mechanisms to prevent those contractors that are seriously price-saving at the beginning. They tell us they're saving the budget. They're not saving anything. They create a problem and then save on the quality and duration of the work. That's the problem. If the competition wins the contractors who have proved themselves, there's no such problem, Sergei Yurievich said. - One of the facilities we visited today is not construction, it is torture. We're going to go crazy, of course, but there's a problem.

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