Ministry Of The Construction Of The Habarov Region

Фото: Министерство

Habarowsk, February 16, AmurMedia. Andrei Skorokhov, Minister of Construction of the Habarov province, suddenly disappeared. And the day before, Minstro was searched, told the corre. IA AmurMedia is a source in the government of the province.

According to the source in the Government of the province, searches were carried out yesterday, 15 February, at the Ministry of Construction, particularly in the Cabinet of the Minister. Another source is already in Minstro, confirming that the Minister was arrested. To get a comment, corre. IA AmurMedia tried to contact Andrei Skorokov through the reception room, which was answered that the Minister was not there, he was away and he won't be there until the end of the week. To the question where the head of Minstroy left, the girl didn't answer and categorically cut off that there's no way to contact him at this point. Andrei Skorokov's cell phone is unavailable.

The KPC on the Khabarovs Krai said that the information was not yet available.

Andrei Sokorokhov, a portal of the Government of the Khabarov province, reportedly visited the Government of the Khabarov province with Komsolska na Amur and was appointed Minister of Construction in March 2015. Prior to this, the head of Minstroi served his post for 15 years, then the CEO of the Dalmetallurgstra ZAO in Komsolske-n-Amur. Started his way of work with a stripper.

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