Construction Of New Russian Houses

Дизайн интерьера

Construction firms and Krasnodar companies offer various technologies to build private houses. Our construction company is building private houses in Novoroskaya, Krasnodar and Krai on the new technology of the warm iron and concrete monolith. This technology makes it possible to build a home faster, cheaper and better. The construction of the house is a " warm iron-bene monolith " , designed for a seismic in eight balls.

The thermal insulation of such houses is higher than that of the brick walls with a thickness of 3 m and a wall thickness of only 25 cm. In a house of 10x10 m in two floors, the inner area becomes more than 20 square metres.

The walls of the whole floor are blended by concrete into one entrance without forming cold stitches in the concrete, which significantly improves the quality of construction.

The surface of the walls is perfectly stable, which is achieved by the use of special mounting cassettes, excluding the ability of builders to erroneously and unevenly display the walls.

The same editing tapes save money for the interior separation of the walls of the hypsocarton house, as it will not be necessary to buy guides.

On the outside of the wall, a protective base covering is provided on special equipment in the centre, not manually from forests on the construction site. The façade of the house is thus ready for the finishing section, excluding additional work from forests and the human factor, again saving the construction budget.

One plus is less labour-intensive, which means less costly in finance, the process of constructing windows. The window, along with the window, the olive, the rollets and the " key " punctures, is collected at the factory, and in the construction of the house, the design is just stacked and fixed.

Finally, one of the main advantages is the speed of construction of a private house. Gathering the walls at the same floor takes one day and the bay is three hours concrete. The whole building of one floor in a day and a half!

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