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Пенополистирольные плиты
The marble in the interior is not just a building or a street material, it has a specific character and a style, which is why the sculptors like it so much. The laying of the marble on the floor will turn the surface into a work of art that attracts attention and defines the design of the room.
The marble floor is a combination of luxury and elegance. Such coverage was praised at the dawn of human development. Marmore's sex is a thousand-year story. And the most interesting thing is that the elements have been retained until today. Throughout human development, only rich and famous people could afford marble floors. Although the material is now much more accessible, it continues to emphasize the social status of the owner.
We're representing a wide range of mammores for sex. The material may differ by colour, drawing, method of handling the surface of the stove. The gender of the marble can be marked both by monochrome stoves and by various colours and denominations using mosaic equipment. It looks great and can act as a separate element of the decoration of the floor of the mosaic from the marble, carried out in the form of a complex drawing, disgrace or anornament.
The gender benefits of the natural marble are:
- High endurance and durability. Moro's a hard stone first. His durability is known thanks to the persistence of antique marble structures, the age of which is millennium.
- Waterproofness. Half of the marble don't feed the moisture. Therefore, they are well suited to lay in high humidity spaces, such as bathroom or kitchen. Vulnerability creates another advantage of the floor marble - hygiene. There are no harmful microorganisms in these floors. And any contamination on them remains on the surface of the material.

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