New Materials And Technologies In Construction

Новые материалы и технологии в

On the Green Evolution portal, you will always find up-to-date information on new construction technologies, economists, energy-saving materials, environmental protection, etc. Environmental issues in the industry are among the most important and can be divided into several interrelated aspects.

Debris management is a priority area for innovation in construction. The amount of waste generated annually in our country as a result of the dismantling of old buildings is measured by dozens of millions of tons.

The European Association for the demolition of buildings, which comprises several dozen private companies, is successfully operating in the EU. The builders are much more advantageous in using new ones. construction technologies Recycling and recycling such garbage than paying for dumping. In some countries, the removal of waste suitable for recycling is generally prohibited, and even in Japan, unutilized residues are used as construction material.

In general, for Europe, the average level of processing of construction debris is about 30 per cent, with developed countries actively adopting new technologies fluctuating between 80 and 90 per cent. Unfortunately, only one tenth of the waste is being processed in Russia.

At the same time, the building of resource-saving buildings, including those capable of self-sustaining heat and electricity, is a priority for ecotechnology development. New construction The technology involves the use of thermal insulating, separating and design materials, and the recovery of domestic thermal energy. Developments to manage heat inside the ground are being actively introduced and improved.

Meanwhile, green innovations in construction have not yet been widespread. Often, the cost of equipment is virtually impossible to purchase through energy costs, and not all methods are appropriate for regions with severe climates and small solar days per year.

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