Construction Of A Shopping Mall

Губернатор Сергей Жвачкин

The market for commercial real property has evolved in Russia over the past 12 to 15 years, but despite the apparent number of commercial and recreational centres, it is still far from saturation. The growing standard of living and consumption dictates their rules, so the construction of new trading centres remains relevant.

In large cities, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg, trade turnover is not limited to local residents but also to arrivals, which are steadily increasing. The rapid development of many cities and the construction of new areas remote from the centre require infrastructure, including the establishment of trade centres.

At the same time, competition forces the owners of large trading areas to make efforts to increase the attractiveness and comfort of TCs. The " roof market " concept has long failed to meet the wishes of buyers. This not only increases the number of trade centres but also improves their quality.

Experts estimate that the market for trade centres in millionaire cities will grow for many years. But in the construction of TC, the rules and requirements need to be taken into account, not today, but tomorrow, or in competition, not to survive.

The point is that the concept is right.

Before the commencement of the construction of the Trade Centre, it is important to carefully consider that it is the new point that will offer customers what services may be required. Based on these data, potential landlords, investors, buying land for construction and starting to develop a project can be found.

Advanced market research plays an enormous role. Construction of a shopping mall requires the development of a marketing strategy and positioning, a comprehensive assessment of the cost-effectiveness of each function of a shopping centre, an analysis of aspects such as location, competitiveness and purchasing power.

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