Construction Of Suburban Cottages

Картинка 5 - Строительство

Many rural dwellers and a large number of urban dwellers wish to become owners of a stylish, convenient, long-term, cost-effective cottage. However, the traditional perception of the debt and expensive construction process, which involves heavy equipment and workers ' crews, has delayed the construction of the country house indefinitely. In addition, it is worth mentioning unplanned costs, which may amount to about 50 per cent of the original construction cost.

Model projects

You can choose one of the many free model projects presented in our catalogue, which will reduce the time frame for building elements for which we use progressive equipment and quality modern materials. As a result, the construction of a cattle of up to 150 m2 (without internal separation) takes place within five days on a ready foundation.

Construction features

The cost of building a country house on our technology is comparable to many other cottage constructions today popular. However, at the cost of project implementation, functionality, quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness, it far exceeds them. Many clients have already found that Valdek technology is much more profitable than it is. Construction of a home traditional methods.

Benefits of the construction of cottage and suburban houses from VALDEK

Our company offers a radically new, innovative approach to home-building, based on industrial housing technology. All elements of the building are manufactured on high-quality German equipment and released from the factory as soon as possible, leaving only purely separate and engineering work to the client. In addition, a high degree of preparedness provides an astonishing time frame for the construction of cottages and peri-urban houses.

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