Where To Obtain A Building Permit

Дом под ПМЖ.If you want to be perfectly calm and law-abiding, we will set out a procedure for obtaining a building permit (why you can proceed with this procedure in parallel with the building of the house).

In order to obtain a permit to build a local government, you must have a land plot gravitation plan and a land planning scheme, which is in the form prescribed. Then you apply to the local administration, either in c. Fearo or Zaoka itself (depending on the address of your section) the following documents:

  • A copy of the certificate on the U.S.
  • A copy of the cadastral passport.
  • Esquis/project for the future home.
  • Gravity plan for the ZU.
  • A building report.

In a month or so, there is a waiting order issued by the District Administration for the approval of a land plot and a building permit.

Of course, Moscow, living 100 kilometres from its precinct, this procedure is well-founded and time-consuming. Our advice is: Spend 16 to 17 thousand roubles and order this service in a local company. Or we have:

We must not forget that under our law, a house built on the LPZs without Construction permitis self-sufficient, even though ownership is registered, which may be demolished if there are substantial grounds for doing so. If you've already built the house, you'll have to do it on the facts of the building.

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