The Technology Of Building A Barbed House With Its Hands

Дом из брусаBy buying a land parcel, a lot of people are thinking about building a wooden house on it with their hands, cutting off professional builders. The most popular material for these purposes is the brushe. Working with him is quite simple, comfortable and in the pockets of most lover builders. But this is where to begin and how to proceed with the construction process?

The process of building the house from the bras can be conducted in two ways: one (carcas houses) or two or more. The first option of construction significantly reduces material consumption and the cost of the facility itself. But practice shows that most people prefer a phased approach.

Increasingly, a profiled or adhesive ferment of eals, leaflets and pines are the main material, as the tree species are considered to be the cheapest and simplest in processing.Подготовка участка The use of the brushe will greatly save the participation of the employees ' brigade. There are three people to build a wooden house.

The lack of knowledge of the main features of construction operations and the technology for their implementation could lead to unpleasant consequences in the self-construction process. It is therefore so important that the sequence of the construction phases of the house be followed accurately.


The first thing to do is search the territory and choose the way in. As a rule, the place for a future home is determined by dividing the area into separate areas. To this end, it is recommended that the Territory ' s plan be written, indicating size on a certain scale.

The place for the future building should be pre-prepared before construction begins. To this end, we need to cut the handicrafts, pine, weed swing and cut the pieces. And only after careful cleaning of the site, you can move to construction with the necessary materials.

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