Architectural Design And Construction

3D визуализация проекта домаWith most of the customers, our relationship started when they only had a plan for an inner house by hand.
and an approximate view of the appearance of the desired facades of the building.
Professional architects and designers based on any data you have on the desired design
and the appearance of your country home, first of all, are developing an architectural sketch project,
To allow you to visually understand what the house you've designed will look like.
And only when the sketch project makes you complete, we're developing complete technical documentation.
for direct construction.

If you've already got a suitable project or a scoop of your country's arm,
You can e-mail him to us.
In the shortest time, we will inform you of the cost of constructing the house you have conceived in our company.

Both in the selection of a ready project and in the design of a country house zero from the client and architect.
Several important parameters for the future of the house should be combined:

- Nice appearance,
- comfortable planning,
literate engineering systems (water, heating, sewerage, electricity, etc.)
- Adequate cost of construction of the intended.
The outside view of the country house sometimes has a marked impact on its value: beautiful archers, carnivals, complex roof with towers.
Do you need them?
The experimental architects will help to avoid building costs at the design stage,
In time to draw your attention to architectural nuances.
The subsequent cost of construction is taken into account at the time of design.
The moments that may lead to an unjustified increase, we always promptly inform the customer
and adjust the project as many times as necessary.

Many architectural companies don't think it's necessary to think about a client.
In the end, if in the future you want, for example, to install in the living room, his ventilation tube may run into the lock-up ball,
I don't think it's going to make his installation in the intended place just impossible. We always try to make things happen.
In designing your country house, we'll ask a lot of questions, but you'll be sure that construction will go exactly as planned.

The average duration of architectural design is 2-4 weeks.
The exact duration of the project depends on the floor and complexity of your house.
Our company ' s master architects have many years of practical experience in architectural works of any difficulty.
Even the most complex architectural challenges are met within a clear time frame.
All projects are reviewed and guaranteed technically correct and reliable.
Проектирование загородного дома, фасад в осях The exploratory project is 15-18 pages (depending on the floor and complexity of the house) comprising:
- precise plans of all floors (internal planning, if desired with furniture)
- The house of " cut " (Axes)
- Blood plan,
- 3D visualize your house.

Fasad at home in oath

The location of the house on the site (location) is a mandatory and important element of the project.
A professional visit to your precinct is essential to correctly connect the house to the station.
A house-to-section project is needed for Construction permit
The construction specialist sees your precinct much more than you can imagine. It is only in place that a proper assessment can be made of the possibility of implementing the chosen construction solution, assessing the state of the access routes and communication, carrying the capacity of the ground, making shurfs, measuring the area where necessary.
The preliminary visit of the construction specialist to your station is the right step towards building a secure house.
Details of your departure to the station can be obtained by telephone.

By ordering the design and construction of a suburban house at APELSIN,

You will receive a complete set of services for the design and construction of the country house: we will take into account all your smallest wishes and
We will prepare a literate project, taking into account your possible construction budget.
It's unbelievable to find a ready-made suburban house project that's gonna make you. Shouldn't we waste time?

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