Construction Of The Church

Теперь здесь церковь: Почему москвичи воюют со строителями храмов. Изображение № 1.During the summer, a struggle against the Himki forest began in the Losino Ortrov region of Moscow: in the Thorfianca park, local residents opposed the construction of the temple. The church in the area began after public hearings, which allegedly supported the construction. The protestors say, however, that the hearings were falsified: the discussion was foul and the residents of the region did not call for it. The struggle between Orthodox activists and park defence lawyers who broke the tent camp was a few days and nights. Patriarch Kirill had to intervene in the situation, after which the line had been stopped before the court. Such stories in Moscow are a few. The Village found out how the city was building temples and why many people didn't like it.

" We don't have enough polyclinics, we've closed the Rod Torfianca, pregnant women are forced to travel in Bibirevo. However, the temple in the steps of accessibility is scattered by Natalia's mask. In her family park, Rostokino is building a church of 500 parishes. Construction opponents say that the temple is built in a particularly protected natural area. Any building in such a place was prohibited by law, but by a decision of the Government of Moscow, the church was possible, and the decision of the authorities now challenged the inhabitants of the area in Mosgorousud.

Теперь здесь церковь: Почему москвичи воюют со строителями храмов. Изображение № 2.As Natalia said, at one of the first meetings, the judge asked: " What was the temple? " That's the same question as the Lord Vladimir Chirkov. According to him, the construction provided a territory of 0,36 hectares, or about 2 per cent of the Rostokin parking area. The love of Kozlov indicates that they build a church on the desert at the road. Love says that there are already two temples in Rostokine, but all those who wish to do so do not say: " It has been impossible to stand in the Tequin Temple and not even enter the Leonsky holiday. "

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