Construction Project Management

Управление проектами

Information technology and specialized software are increasingly used in modern construction. This is SAPR and GIS, project document management systems, and an estimated software. Estimated systems assess the project (under the project we will understand the investment object) in terms of volume, cost, total project resource requirements, but do not provide important data for the successful implementation of the project, such as the calendar of work, the resource requirement schedule, the cost calendar.

The building complex organizations have a high need for software on calendar planning. As the best way to implement a time-consuming project with the most efficient use of resources is a key factor for success and, with growing competition, the guarantor of the survival of the organization.

The following items are almost always included among the requirements of construction companies for such software units:

- Development of calendars of work with the support of different levels of hierarchy;

- A schedule of resource requirements, a schedule of cash expenditure for the project as a whole, and a separate type of work, resources - resource planning;

- The possibility of planning a wide range of resources, both implementing and implementing (renewable) and material (expenditure);

- Loss of different planning options, with severe time constraints and limited resources; varying these ways will help to find the most successful compromise " cheaper " ;

- Finding the most cost-effective option for the project by optimizing the cost of the project in the implementation of the project at various times, by attracting other resources;

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