Self-Regulated Organizations In Construction

Саморегулируемые организации в

In accordance with federal legislation, the licensing of design, construction and engineering activities has been terminated since 1 January 2010. In order to carry out the work set out in the list approved by Order No. 624 of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation of 30 December 2009 on engineering design, construction, reconstruction, capital construction, which has an impact on the security of capital construction (hereinafter referred to as the List), it is necessary to enter into a self-regulated organization (hereinafter referred to as the CRO) and obtain the approval of the CRO on the relevant type of work.

The Federal Act regulates the activities of the Federal Act.
No. 315-FZ of 1 December 2007 on self-regulated organizations and Chapter 6.1. Code of the Russian Federation.

CROs, which provide building tolerances that affect safety capital constructionmust be a member of the National Association of the RRA.


National associations of self-regulated organizations have been established to respect the public interest of self-regulated organizations of the species concerned, to ensure representation and to protect the interests of self-regulated organizations of the State, local government bodies, the interaction of self-regulated organizations and those bodies, and the consumers of the work performed, which have an impact on the security of capital construction facilities.

In order to ensure the development of the institution of self-regulation in the area of urban development, to improve the technical regulation of engineering, design and construction processes, to improve the legislation on urban development, by Order No. 237/D of 14 April 2016 of the Ministry of Construction of Russia, a Coordinating Council on Interaction with National Associations of Self-regulated Organizations in Construction was established.

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